5 Door Recovery represents each individual's unique path to recovery, guiding them through Change, Compassion, Courage, Health, and Hope for a better sober life.

The Five Doors to Recovery


Door 1

We are here when you're ready to begin recovery.

Door 2

We meet you where you are at with empathy and experience.

Door 3

We share solutions that have worked for us and others.

Door 4

We help you begin to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Door 5

Real hope. Hope for a better life, a sober life.

Peaceful Community of Bayview Neighborhood

Clients live in the peaceful community setting of Bayview neighborhood.

Our Facility
""Hard at first, but now I understand why. You have changed my thinking, I understand my addiction now and know the steps to maintain sobriety."- Martin"
Actual Client Testimonial