Substance Use Disorder is a often a chronic disease characterized by relapses, broken relationships, decreased physical and mental health. It is a disease.

It can affect anyone, regardless of education, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or anything else.

It affects everyone who’s part of  the addicted one’s life – parents, siblings, friends, co-workers. When someone you care about has an addiction, it’s important that you begin to educate yourself and gain understanding of their situation, and the role you play in their recovery.

These resources can help you understand


As part of 5 Door Recovery’s treatment, we encourage the families of our clients to attend Family Matters, our family therapy program.

We created Family Matters to help educate families what their loved one is going through and their role in their loved one’s recovery. The goals of Family Matters are to rebuild trust, relationships, and teach the family how to support recovery.

Other’s Experiences in Recovery

See how we’ve helped others move into recovery.