Family Matters

Addiction is a Family Disease, that’s why Family Matters.

Addiction affects all members of a family. When they understand addiction as a disease, what their loved one is going through and their role in their recovery, they are better able to rebuild trust and relationships, and support recovery.

The Family Matters program has two parts.

First a family education session in which family members, without their loved one, learn about:

  • The disease and impact of addiction on the family
  • Short and long-term effects of addiction
  • Realistic expectations of treatment and recovery
  • Healthy communication and respect
  • Setting boundaries, accountability and consequences
  • Ways to support the loved one as they move back into the community
  • Support groups for families of addicts
  • Taking care of themselves and each other

The second part is family counseling for the person in treatment and select family members. The goal is to address specific issues the family is dealing with.

  • Creating trust
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Setting expectations
  • Setting boundaries, accountability and consequences

Family Matters education is Sunday morning.

Individual sessions are schedule by appointment.