Our goal is to support you in the treatment of your clients.

5 Door Recovery’s structured 24-hour residential program takes a holistic approach to treatment, addressing addiction and related cooccurring disorders and trauma using SAMHSA approved evidence-based practices.

We utilize therapies to treat the mind, body and spirit of the individual and help them develop the skills to manage their addiction and related mental health and trauma.

We Support Your Client Relationship

  • Provide free assessment to identify clients who may benefit from 5 Door Recovery’s structured, residential treatment.
  • Support the work you have done using evidence-based practices and therapies
  • Provide weekly updates via email, you are invited to follow up with a phone call
  • You may visit your client while he/she is in treatment at 5 Door Recovery
  • Let the client know we are working with you as their outpatient provider
  • Transition meeting between client, you, and 5 Door Recovery staff member prior to intake and discharge