Why 5 Door?

Every individual’s addiction struggle is different – 5 Door Recovery is different.

We identified 5-Doors an individual passes through on their road to recovery.

  1. Change – they must have a strong desire to change their life. If they are not motivated to change, they will not find recovery.
  2. Compassion – they receive compassion from the 5 Door Recovery staff and learn to express compassion towards others – family, friends and those they are in treatment with.
  3. Courage – it takes a tremendous amount of courage to face their past and commit to a new future with new friends, new lifestyle, new way of thinking.
  4. Health – addiction takes a tremendous toll on the individual’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Passing through the Health door opens the individual to a new life – they feel better, their outlook is more positive, they develop a calmness and sense of self-control, many have a desire to be more spiritual.
  5. Hope – they look to the future with more clarity, they can see themselves in new places, being productive, giving back. Now they have Hope for a new life.

We use a holistic approach, rooted in SAMHSA approved evidence-based practices, to help our clients regain their physical, mental and spiritual health. The treatments, therapies and services that make-up our holistic approach. 


Our History

Hope Haven, a Catholic Charities program, began in 1973.  Recently, the level of services required to help those suffering from addiction have increased. For us to meet the need of the community, we knew it was time for a new program, curriculum, and overall change to the approaches taken in the past. The new 5 Door Recovery facility will allow us to offer more primary treatment services and overall better care for our clients.

Mary Haberman-Laesch, MSSW, CISW
Program Director
Laurie Duraney, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor
Shawn Skogen, CSAC, CS-IT
Primary Counselor
Dustin Lyons
Lead Clinical Support Specialist
Heidi Phistry, AS, SAC-IT, Certified Recovery Coach
Intake Coordinator
Coley Huebner
Medical Case Manager, BA

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