Why 5 Door?

Every individual’s addiction struggle is different – 5 Door Recovery is different.

We identified 5-Doors an individual passes through on their road to recovery.

  1. Change – they must have a strong desire to change their life. If they are not motivated to change, they will not find recovery.
  2. Compassion – they receive compassion from the 5 Door Recovery staff and learn to express compassion towards others – family, friends and those they are in treatment with.
  3. Courage – it takes a tremendous amount of courage to face their past and commit to a new future with new friends, new lifestyle, new way of thinking.
  4. Health – addiction takes a tremendous toll on the individual’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Passing through the Health door opens the individual to a new life – they feel better, their outlook is more positive, they develop a calmness and sense of self-control, many have a desire to be more spiritual.
  5. Hope – they look to the future with more clarity, they can see themselves in new places, being productive, giving back. Now they have Hope for a new life.

We use a holistic approach, rooted in SAMHSA approved evidence-based practices, to help our clients regain their physical, mental and spiritual health. The treatments, therapies and services that make-up our holistic approach. 


Our History

Catholic Charities of Madison, Inc. has been providing addiction services since 1973 through Hope Haven, a company managed by Catholic Charities. Hope Haven recently merged with Catholic Charities.  5 Door Recovery was developed in 2020 to address the increasing needs of the substance use epidemic by providing a holistic and trauma-sensitive approach to treatment and recovery.

Mary Haberman-Laesch, MSSW, CISW
Program Director
Traci Lamb, MS, CSAC, CS-IT
Primary Counselor
Shawn Skogen, CSAC, CS-IT, LPC
Primary Counselor
Dustin Lyons, BSBA, SAC-IT, CRC (Certified Recovery Coach)
Lead Clinical Support Specialist
Coley Huebner, BA
Medical Case Manager

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