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5 Door Recovery is a residential treatment program working with adults 18+ who have substance use disorder (SUD), many also suffer from co-occurring disorders and trauma. We treat addiction, mental illness and trauma at the same time because they are connected.

Our approach to your recovery is individualized and holistic. Your plan of treatment will address your addiction, mental health, physical health and spiritual health.

While at 5 Door Recovery, you’ll live with other men and women who are rebuilding their lives. You’ll hear their stories and realize you are not alone during this transition. You’ll find support from our entire staff and your fellow guests, some will become lifelong friends and be with you through your toughest times.

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Custom Plan to Recovery

Custom Plan to Recovery

No one follows the same road to recovery

You are unique, there is no one else like you.
No one else has the same family as you.
No one else has experienced the same life as you.

Sometimes your life’s experiences relates to your addiction.

We help you understand what affects your addiction and together we create your road to recovery.


Your road to recovery will take you through 5 doors:

Your road to recovery will take you through 5 doors:

  1. You will learn what needs to Change in your life.
  2. You will develop Compassion for others and receive compassion.
  3. You will develop Courage to face what you fear and learn to overcome your fear
  4. You will begin to regain your physical and mental Health. No words can explain how this feels!
  5. Finally, you will develop Hope for your future and start creating it!
The First Door to Recovery Starts Here

The First Door to Recovery Starts Here

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